The Foundations of Self Healing

coaching quantum clinic Jan 08, 2021
There is a new paradigm of healing emerging, and Sustainable Self is helping to usher in this change. The last 30 years of scientific research has produced one of the biggest medical breakthrough's in human history. What is it? The power of your innate immune system.  
Adaptation and biodiversification of our species occurs through our relationship to the global virome and microbiome. The human cell is not the center of human health, just like the Earth is not the center of the Universe. Health is a byproduct of a harmonious relationship with the other 99% of your genetic code previously considered "junk" by the scientific community. We are just at the beginning of this paradigm shift and it has massive implications across social, economic, and political structures on Planet Earth. 
Because our work at Sustainable Self sits at the cutting edge of this paradigm shift, we believe it is important to clarify some terms for...
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