The Foundations of Self Healing

coaching quantum clinic Jan 08, 2021
There is a new paradigm of healing emerging, and Sustainable Self is helping to usher in this change. The last 30 years of scientific research has produced one of the biggest medical breakthrough's in human history. What is it? The power of your innate immune system.  
Adaptation and biodiversification of our species occurs through our relationship to the global virome and microbiome. The human cell is not the center of human health, just like the Earth is not the center of the Universe. Health is a byproduct of a harmonious relationship with the other 99% of your genetic code previously considered "junk" by the scientific community. We are just at the beginning of this paradigm shift and it has massive implications across social, economic, and political structures on Planet Earth. 
Because our work at Sustainable Self sits at the cutting edge of this paradigm shift, we believe it is important to clarify some terms for our prospective clients.

What is Energy Medicine?

At its most basic, "energy medicine is a branch of integrative medicine that studies the science of therapeutic applications of subtle energies." Modern medicine by contrast generally focuses on the human physiology. Like organs, tissues, cells, and even hormones and peptides and their interaction effects. 
Quantum physics teaches us that everything, including matter, is energy. So why hasn't Western medicine caught up yet? Well, it's complicated.
Western medicine actually does use quantum field dynamics to diagnose disease all the time. For example, radiology, imaging diagnostics, and nuclear medicine. But generally the treatments revert back to biochemistry instead of using biophysics.
What we do know is that those physiological organs react to environmental fields, like light, sound, electricity, and magnetism. In fact, your heart generates and interacts with electromagnetic fields all the time! For decades science has shown that the Earth's electromagnetic field (Schumann Resonance) is associated with human and animal cardiovascular and brain functioning. In fact, all systems in your body from the atomic to the molecular level are constantly creating resonance. Resonance, most simply, is the coordinated vibration of energy.
Energy medicine, either device-based or human touch, uses subtle energy fields to therapeutically assess and treat energetic imbalances. Thus creating greater harmony and balance in the human system.
Types of energy medicine include: acupuncture, human touch therapies, endocrine and Chakra systems therapies, mind-body medicine, coherence and quantum resonance.

Sustainable Self: Functional Bio-Energetic Coaching 

At Sustainable Self, we believe that spacetime is the central organizing feature of all development. Which is a fancy way of saying, it's time to upgrade our collective operating system!
Our coaching packages are deeply rooted in an understanding of the cognitive-affective basis of quantum psychobiology, and the importance of a healthy relationship to your inner microbiome and virome. All coaching packages include the use of biofeedback devices to help you reset your baseline levels of stress. We also help you learn to harness the innate power of your heart's cardio-electro-magnetic field. Allowing you to embody more balance, creativity, imagination, and relaxation in your daily life. We partner with experts in their fields to provide customized wellness plans deeply rooted in the emerging field of bioregenesis and integral wellness.
At the Quantum Clinic we invite you to experience an even deeper reset using our scalar-access technology, the Rasha. This scalar energy device uses a frequency-generating software to harmonize the autonomic nervous system and allow you to enter a state of deep relaxation and self-healing. We use base-12 frequencies that allow for balancing of the hemispheres in your brain, non-verbal emotional processing, and resilience-building.
Dr. Dowling is also available for corporate seminars, trainings, and consulting projects.

This blog was written by Katelyn Dowling, Ph.D. - No medical claims are stated or implied.*

For more information on this topic check out Energy Medicine: Current Status and Future Perspectives by Christina Ross, Ph.D., published on February 27, 2019 in the Journal of Global Advances in Health and Medicine. The full text can be accessed here.

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