Macro Techno-Structural Innovation.

Uncategorized Aug 24, 2020

Techno-structural innovations have as their explicit goal improving organizational effectiveness and human performance by focusing on use of adaptive technology and structural change. These interventions are rooted in fields of engineering, psychology, and sociology, and include things like job analysis, organizational design, change management, and learning, among other areas.

What makes the Sustainable Self model unique is incorporation of holistic systems perspective that brings humanity and sustainability to the forefront of corporate governance and leadership development. Our Signature Depth Assessment explicitly helps large size organizations across sectors identify opportunity for architectural innovation. That is, how can your organization use existing infrastructure and capital to meet the demands of the new environmental paradigm? We do this through interventions designed to help leadership re-define the problems they are facing to meet the demand of a complex and dynamic world.

The research is clear: business as usual is not a sustainable model.

Humans exist in a closed-loop system and our current global economic activity consumes resources 1.7x the capacity of Planet Earth to replenish those resources in a given year. 

The tectonic collision of macro-trends across the globe are driving rapid changes in technology, practice, and policy initiatives in organizations of all sizes. This rapidly evolving new environmental paradigm leads to a pattern of paralyzing uncertainty and an inability to understand the scale and scope of our human impact on planetary limits. Many leaders are left feeling overwhelmed. As a result they default to existing business models. 

By leveraging your innate capacity for prospective thinking - it is possible to update the mental models that hold you and your organization back from championing a more sustainable future. 

Mental Models impact all aspects of the human experience. From the way we see, what we do, and the world we create. But that does not mean we have to throw everything out with the old guard. Organizations at all levels must adapt or die.

Want to learn more? Take six minutes to watch this brief video explaining the principles underlying our work:



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